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Gods, Heroes, Criminals
Wagner project by Christoph Kiefhaber

Love and the willingness to make sacrifices are juxtaposed with betrayal and the lust for power. These perpetual themes of the medieval Poetic Edda, the Nibelung saga and naturally Richard Wagner's tetralogy have all served as an inspiration for these works by the visual artist Christoph Kiefhaber. Parallels to today's world are striking.

The core of Kiefhaber's Richard Wagner project comprises four paintings: Die Otterbusse; Der Ring des Nibelungen; Der Ringvergleich and Götterdämmerung. Studies and works on paper from 1988 to 2013 complement this tetralogy.

Christoph Kiefhaber
Born in 1941 in Neumarkt am Wallersee (A), Christoph
Kiefhaber's oeuvre encompasses a variety of artistic media:
paintings, graphic arts, ceramics and object art.
Mythological topics and explorations in music are a source
of constant inspiration for his works, the interpretation of
which always includes contemporary relevance. His works
are highly valued in national and international collections.

The paintings are on loan from a private collection.
Many thanks.

Visitors may view the exhibition until November 30, 2014, during the opening hours of the museum.

Many thanks for the support from:

Christoph Kiefhaber Privatstiftung

Schweizerische Richard Wagner Gesellschaft

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