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Special Exhibition 2017

Because Richard Wagner's biography was as equally dramatic as the plot of many of his operas, it is definitely worth taking a closer look at the composer's journey through life. This is now possible thanks to the WAGNER graphic novel (published in 2013, Knesebeck Verlag), captivating in itself owing to the fantastic drawings by the comics artist Flavia Scuderi. In addition, the WAGNERWAHN app and the documentary film with the same name were created along with the graphic novel. These cross-media products by Beetz Brothers Film Production will be on display in the Richard Wagner Museum Luzern starting 1 April. The museum also serves as a satellite in conjunction with the Comix Festival FUMETTO (1 - 9 April 2017).

The comics artist Flavia Scuderi and the comics author Andreas Völlinger will be present at the opening.

The exhibition is open to visitors until 30 November 2017 during the following opening hours:
April to Nov: Tues - Sun 10 - 5 pm
June to Sept: Tues - Sun 10 - 6 pm
And on Easter Monday and on Whit Monday

Tickets: 10.00 SFr., with discount 5.00 SFr.

Many thanks for the support

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