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06. August 2006 Special Exhibition

"Sei mir gegrüsst, Du Tonjuwel"

Caricatures of Wagner, by Matthias Ose

More information about this Exhibition:

28 November 2004
Richard Wagner in Lucerne - an open-air theater

Wagner's time at Tribschen will be brought back to life-next summer! An open-air theater is scheduled to be held on the idyllic peninsula on Lake Lucerne, which is a perfect location for events on mild summer evenings. For this reason, producer Christoph Risi, who has already managed a number of major theater productions, has researched Richard Wagner's life and works to create this theater production at Tribschen.

"Wagner's Tribschen - His Years in Lucerne" is the title of the play. It will be performed a total of 19 times from 6 July to 20 August 2005. Renowned playwright Hansjörg Schneider envisions the production as follows: "We would like to hold the performance outdoors on the meadow in front of the villa at Tribschen at dusk. The meadow is a perfect setting and allows for virtually everything, including both realistic and fantastic elements. In the play, King Ludwig II of Bavaria pays several visits, as do young philosopher Nietzsche and Cosima's first husband, Hans von Bülow, who fights in vain to win back his wife. These four characters-and Wagner-will be played by professional actors and actresses." The remaining roles will be cast with amateur actors and actresses; approximately three dozen people will be required. Liliana Heimberg has been commissioned to direct the piece. She will begin rehearsing the piece at the end of November or the beginning of December. "This ensures enough time for working out the technical aspects concerning acting and also for developing the final version of the piece at a comfortable pace." The music for this production will be composed by Felix Schüeli, Jacqueline Kobler will be in charge of costumes, and the scenery will be designed by Ueli Binggeli.

Please note: The theater production will be performed in German and partially in Swiss German dialect.

More information is available (e.g., advance bookings) at:

15 March 2004
A sensational discovery

During the winter closing of the museum, a partial renovation was carried out on the first floor of the Richard Wagner Museum. The historic parquet floors can now be seen in splendid condition. On 10 February 2004, as a result of a renovation on the painted surface of the first floor salon's ceiling, the ceiling's outer layer broke away. Traces of an older polychrome (multi-coloured) painted ceiling became visible. Restorer and building researcher Heinz Schwarz documented the rare and unexpected find in agreement with the cantonal preservation society and Lucerne's Office for Cultural Assets / Museums. From the earliest results of the research and style comparison, it can be surmised that the work could be a previously unknown ceiling fresco by Gottfried Semper (1803-1879). Gottfried Semper, known to have been a close friend of Richard Wagner, planned a ceiling fresco for the Hotel Schweizerhof and a villa for Colonel Segesser von Brunegg, neither of which was ever realized.

The vestiges of the fresco can be viewed during this year's opening season, from 16 March to 30 November 2004, in their unrestored condition. An information board provides further details about the discovery and the status of the research.

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