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A museum was established in Richard Wagner's former residence in Tribschen outside of Lucerne, paying homage to the life and work of the famous composer. Richard Wagner lived on the shores of the Lake of Lucerne for six years. After he transferred his residence to Bayreuth in 1872, and thus left the "idyll at Tribschen", the manor stood empty for many years, rented at times during the summer months as a holiday house.

In 1931, the city of Lucerne acquired the country manor together with the surrounding park (30,000 m2) from the Am Rhyn family in order to make it accessible to the public. The museum was established two years later and since then, an exhibition on Richard Wagner has been open to visitors on the ground floor. A collection of historic musical instruments has been on display in the rooms on the first floor since 1943 till 2009. Actually the collection is presented in Willisau.

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